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A few weeks ago, I mentioned I went to a self-publishing fair put on by the Federation of BC Writers. Although I didn’t pay too much attention to it at the time, there was a booth there for a website currently in beta named Bookowl.

The idea of Bookowl is to provide what they call “market data analysis” for your book.  So you could look at the ratings on your book and see if people think you’re a skilled writer, or if they think the plot is traditional or not.  Then you can see their gender, location, favourite genres, etc.  This depends a *lot* on how much information users are willing to give away about themselves.  But if it works the way the creators want it to, it should serve as a guide for what type of people you should market your book to.

Why am I talking about Bookowl now?  Because I found out from the Federation of BC Writers that Bookowl was holding a contest to drum up interest.  All I had to do was post an excerpt of from my book, and I would be given a chance to pick my top four books currently listed on their site.  Everyone who submitted an excerpt would get the same thing.  After the votes were counted, the four winners would be listed at the top of the site’s home page under “Featured Books”.

Oh, there’s also the not-insignificant part about them buying ten copies of each winning book upon publication.  Cool right?

So, go ahead and check them out.  Bookowl.com.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait for you….

See that?  What Dark Passages is now a featured book!  What has two thumbs and is excited?  This guy!  Sure, it’s not like there were two hundred entries, or even ten… But that doesn’t matter, I’m gonna take this one as a big win.